Wheat Sales

WheatSales.com allows you to purchase organic hard red spring wheat berries in bulk or small quantities. WheatSales.com is your one stop shop for hard red spring wheat berries in bulk, 5 gallon pails and packaged in air tight mylar bags. Large quantities are available. Moisture does not exceed 10% and protein averages 12-15%. All of our wheat is packaged in USDA approved bags, buckets and bulk totes.

Wheatsales sells only Premier Brand Hard Red Spring Wheat, the finest wheat with the highest protein and having excellent long term storage abilities.

Wheatsales sells Hard Red Spring wheat berries for milling, eating naturally after soaking or for germinating for sprouts, fermenting or for growing in extreme circumstances. Wheat berries sold here are all Hard Red Spring Wheat. Why? Because we are selling the food as a long-term storage resource (it will keep for up to thirty years or more in proper packaging) plus Hard Red Spring Wheat has the highest protein content of any Wheat grain harvested today.

Wheat is an excellent long-term storage resource for survivalists, families seeking a secure food for long-term storage or for anyone wanting a food easily stored with a high organic protein percentage.

Wheat sold as flour does not constitute a good long-term food resource. Likewise, white wheat is lower in protein than Hard Red wheat – Hard Red Spring Wheat is in fact HIGHER in protein than Hard Red Winter Wheat berries – and so we feel it makes the best long term stored food resource anyone can have on hand when and if the need arises.

All in all, our Hard Red Spring wheat berries are an excellent insurance against food shortages. They store better than rice and many types of beans and have more widely varied uses than any other stored food. They are an absolute must in any survival food storage plan and should form the basis of any long-term food storage.


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